BADASSES publishes different types of testimonies from researchers talking about gender-based and sexual violence, gendered fieldworks, sexualities, as well as testimonies on how those issues are taken into account into academic practices (teaching and monitoring).

The pieces that you will find vary in forms, styles as well as in contents: raw stories, fieldworks notes, reflexive accounts, interviews with teachers and supervisers about their pedagogic practices… They can be written in different languages*.

◊ To access them, you will find three tabs: gender-based and sexual violence in fieldwork; gender, gender-based violence and research’ supervision; gendered fieldworks and sexualities.

◊ If you’d like to share a testimony, you can contact us at: badasses.temoignage@protonmail.com or using the anonymous form.

* For now, testimonies haven’t been translated into English (and they would only be translated with the approval of the author).

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